Spring 2013


Siblings at Zaatari Refugee Camp, Jordan

This spring, thanks to our faithful friends and supporters, Tony & I successfully embarked on our second volunteer trip to the Middle East, this time in Amman, Jordan.  We were invited to stay with a friend and help a small NGO, Manara, take supplies to Iraqi and Syrian refugees in downtown Amman.  Our team was also able to offer support to the health and immigration clinics.  There is a need for volunteers as well as for funds, and our preference has always been to go, whenever possible, learn, and build relationships in the process. More details, photos and information can be found in the updates on our fundraiser site: Giveforward fundraiser

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Spring 2010


Schoolboys at Deheishe Refugee Camp, Bethlehem

In 2010 my husband, Tony and I spent a month volunteering at Bethlehem’s Deheishe Refugee Camp in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.  With support from our friends through a successful fundraiser, we were able to work for a small non-affiliated, non-profit organization, Karama, which provides much needed education and healthcare to Palestinian refugees at the camp.  We assisted with fundraising, publications, editing, teaching and recreation, but most of all friendship.  Karama staff gave us the opportunity to explore not only the camps, but also the towns of Nablus and Hebron and gain more insight into the complex history of the conflict.  I sent a blog of our experiences to our supporters, but it has not as of yet been made public.

Tony and I were both in Israel and Palestine many years ago, but this trip gave us a more in-depth look at the lives of Palestinians under occupation.  Read about the work of Karama (in the menu above) and see the valuable services they offer Palestinian refugees.  Giveforward fundraiser

Note:  All photos on this blog site are originals by Brita Rose unless otherwise stated.

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